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I’m a New York City based writer with a passion for covering areas of the world that are often overlooked. I write weekly for fletch.nyc and regularly take on freelance writing and photography projects here in New York and beyond.

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My Story

I’ve loved writing since I was a kid and landed my first paid gig at the ripe age of 19 in 2009. I had read an article in Wired Magazine about a guy in the tech world named Dan Kaminsky who’d “saved” the Internet from impending doom the year before by solving a key security gap now known as the “Kaminsky bug” (see article on Duo with animated video explaining the bug in layman’s terms here)

I sent him an email saying I’d love to work with him for the summer. A few weeks later I found myself in Taipei, Taiwan working with Dan on a new security start-up built with “the Cloud” in mind (a new term back then). My days were spent drafting technical documents, soldering micro-chips in a hotel room, pretending to speak Mandarin at the bar downstairs and breaking open competitors’ computers to see what hardware was inside. The work was infectious and a love of writing for a living was born. I returned to the US to finish school and continued taking on writing gigs for years to come.

In 2015, after serving a year in Americorps as a bilingual teacher of both English and Spanish grammar to 3rd grade immigrant children at Denver’s poorest elementary school, I decided it was time to take my writing career to the next level and pursue a lifelong dream of being a journalist in a foreign country. After dozens of news agencies failed to respond to my requests for work (and many more outright rejected me), I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I considered various ongoing wars around the globe and decided the 60 year Colombian Civil War would fit the bill. I bought a one-way ticket to Medellin, found an apartment in a working-class neighborhood and began to write. I quickly formed a connection with seasoned Dutch journalist Adrian Alsema, founder of the South America’s most read English publication, Colombia Reports. I went on to publish over 40 articles with Colombia Reports (Read about Alsema in this fantastic interview on Medium)

Through the exposure I experienced writing in Medellin, I became connected with Colombian professor and former Fulbright Scholar Jaime Usma Wilches. He invited me to participate as a researcher at his home institution, La Universidad de Antioquia, on a nationwide study of the effectiveness of bilingual education initiatives. I moved up into a small and remote village four hours east of Medellin on rugged dirt roads that had been the most affected town in the entirety of the war and only years prior had been under FARC guerrilla control (the sort of place where people ride motorcycles barefoot at high speed and lost cows often wander into the town square and everyone smokes cigarettes indoors. In other words, Paradise). The study and my written contributions were published in December 2015 under the title “El English Teaching Fellowship y su impacto en Colombia” by La Universidad de Antioquia with me receiving formal surname attribution, realizing one of my life-time goals of being academically published (though I never thought it would be in another language). Thankfully, that war has since ended and the country is now in peace for the first time in generations🙏

I came home briefly to California with the intent of heading back to Colorado where I’d gone to undergrad at CU. While home for a couple months, I became involved in an effort to get a skatepark built in my hometown of Laguna Beach. After the local Democrats shut me down in seeking support and dug their heels in as run-of-the-mill small town NIMBY-bent curmudgeons always do, I vowed to carry on with my efforts and sarcastically ran for the president position of the local Republican party as an undercover liberal and while still being a registered Independent (I kept that part secret, not sure how legal that was but I digress). I accidentally won and became the President of the Laguna Beach Republican Party on a platform of building a skatepark, warmly labelling it a “civil liberties issue”. I was 25 years old and without a job. My public outcry against the “injustice of skateboarding’s underrepresentation” in our town despite it being a “cultural institution” and Southern California’s only native sport went viral and I ended up in the Los Angeles Times.

The experience of being academically published at a young age reignited a passion for my academic writing in my subject of study in college, geography, and led to the decision to revisit the idea of graduate school. I returned home to the States and began taking graduate courses in the Geography Department of the University of Colorado. Within my first semester, I became acquainted with a startup founded by fellow CU alums called Apollo Mapping, focused on satellite imagery and its pay-as-you go application, Map Mavin that lets anyone make maps online without any prior experience. They hired me and for the next several years I worked in-house on all things copy, from white pages to banner ads, case studies to blog posts, email blasts and infographics and everything in between.

After years with Apollo Mapping I decided to move to New York City where I focused on growing my freelance copywriting and photography business. I established fletch.nyc out of a love for covering areas of New York and beyond with film photography and weekly long form articles by yours truly. I’ve since grown the blog to thousands of readers while continuing to expand my copywriting business here in NYC. I look forward to what the future brings, though if life’s taught me anything, I have no idea in the slightest where it’ll take me.

All I can say with certainty is…

I’ll be writing my way through it.


For the sake of your time I'll ditch the usual resume/cv format here and get to the essentials (listed in more detail above):

I run my own weekly long-form journalistic site based here in New York, fletch.nyc , that has thousands of weekly readers spread across more than 50 countries and all inhabited continents (fingers still crossed for my first Antarctic reader) www.fletch.nyc

I wrote and edited the majority of copy for Apollo Mapping from 2016 - 2018, a widely known mapping and aerospace tech company, particularly for its Map Mavin flagship platform as well as dozens of articles for its far-reaching industry newsletter (+35000 subscribers) www.apollomapping.com (see The Geospatial Times to view newsletter) www.mapmavin.com (home site for flagship product)

I once bought a one-way ticket to Colombia during its civil war in pursuit of a lifelong dream to be a journalist in a foreign country. I went on to publish + 40 articles for South America's largest English-language publication, Colombia Reports. Search "fletcher berryman" at www.colombiareports.com

I've been academically published with surname attribution in both English and Spanish language publications.

I regularly take on copywriting and photography projects here in New York and beyond, specializing in long form and blog post formats though dipping my hands in just about every form of writing that one can dream up.

In short, if you need someone who has a command of the English language, who can instantly change his tone to support any scenario, brand, story, or product,

I am your guy.

Thank you,